The Real World ... Blogger Style: The post about rock 'n roll

Monday, September 26, 2005

The post about rock 'n roll

The CDs have been burnt, there are 21 thigh slapping craptacular tracks on it.. some will make you laugh others will make you cry and then there are some which will just make you wanna take off your pants and dance around in your bedroom* Ive even dedicated some songs to certain house members. They should be sent off shortly (after a certain vixen emails me her Germanian home address - not you Boz!)

One band which features on the CD is Thirsty Merc, please note that this is not JUST because i believe front man Rai Thistlethwaight is sex on legs, or that i want to have his big haired children and have him look at me with those big brown eyes.... sorry i need a moment.. *sigh* Erm... yeah..

*This may be a slight exaggeration