The Real World ... Blogger Style: Grapette, Shmapette

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Grapette, Shmapette

"When I was little (and when I say this I mean when I was little-little and therefore bears no vacancy for you old people to bash my word choice) I used to ride with my dad to the post office every day to pick up our mail because our particular religious orientation doesn't actually allow us to use mailboxes or other such receival points for paper/package natured material, but anyway at this post office they would have two soda machines. One was an RC cola machine, and oh boy let me tell you if this was an "RC Cola Memory Submition Form" I'd milk it for it's money worth, but this isn't, this is a Grapette Submittal form and I'm here to talk about Grapette! The other machine was...some other machine, I don't remember it catering specifically to Grapette but I did find the big clear plastic Grapette button and I did push it (after placing the correct amount of change in the machine of course, I'm not a thief...or am I?)! Man I used to drink that stuff so much, that and RC Cola. Moreso RC Cola than Grapette, really. that I think about it, I can only remember drinking that one can. And now that I delve, I think I bought a can of RC cola right after that to wash the taste out of my mouth. I'd say that the more appealing concept of Grapette to me is the first sip. The first sip was pretty good, I have to admit. It's not like RC cola, I can put a 2-liter down like a wounded moose-You don't know!
Well thanks for the memory Grapette! I think I'll drive out and pick up a case of Grapette and a case of RC to relive a memory or two right now!"