The Real World ... Blogger Style: For the benefit of thedexter

Sunday, August 14, 2005

For the benefit of thedexter

Here is a thumbnail profile of each house member.

dvl - One of two original house members left. She mostly lurks, content to post pictures on buzznet where people tell her how cool she is.

belle - Has a stalker from Lithuania, a lamb named Jon Benet, two cats named Charlie and Emilio, and a stuffed monkey named Zob, she has also lost all touch with reality.

Rebel Leady Boy aka Jonnie - A cross between John Cougar Mellencamp and Carrot Top who has been known to pee on himself just to see what it feels like. Jonnie is currently on vacation in Alaska.

Sandra - President of the Hamburg chapter of the David Hasselhoff fan club and inspiration for the RW ... BS Pickle Boycott of early 2005. Her cleavage is legendary.

rosa posa posa - Our Australian member who is rarely on the same day, or the same page, as the rest of us. Rosa believes that Elijah Wood is straight and that Kylie Minogue is her twin sister.

AmyJo - Ummmm .... Ummmmmm .... Ummmmmmmmmmm, currently in a state of flux since she was kicked out of the commune for giving off bad vibes. Her whereabouts are unknown.