The Real World ... Blogger Style: Dick the Bruiser - Disenfranchised in the '80s

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Dick the Bruiser - Disenfranchised in the '80s

As far as professional wrestling is concerned, the '80s meant the birth of the WWF - in which the various regional wrestling districts across the nation were all brought under one single ownership. Wrestling became big business and Hulk Hogan was everywhere.

An unfortunate side effect was that a lot of the great old timers were basically jobless. Which led to this moment of glory in 1987:

Jonnie, Todd, & Chad Fry meet Dick the Bruiser in 1987.

Dick the Bruiser was a huge deal in the midwest and it was a mixed blessing/tragedy to see him wrestle in a small Indiana high school after the WWF basically left him jobless.

Cousin Nick over on the Gville messageboard> offers this Dick the Bruiser anecdote:
"[Dick the Bruiser] lived in a pretty nice neighborhood and liked to stir things up. Sometimes when he came home drunk, he liked to put on one of his wife's dresses and wigs and get on his motorcycle and tear through people's yards in the middle of the night. Supposedly, no one ever complained or called the police. Maybe the skid marks Dick left on people's sidewalks added to the value of their property."

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