The Real World ... Blogger Style: I Take Back The Tib-Betsy Statement In This Post Now That I Have Seen The Arm Pit Hair

Sunday, May 29, 2005

I Take Back The Tib-Betsy Statement In This Post Now That I Have Seen The Arm Pit Hair

Ok, I realize I have some making out up to do. I've been a wee bit derelict in my posting, especially the pictures of all things RWBS related, but no more! As my sensei says, STRIKE FIRST. STRIKE HARD. NO MERCY! Umm, yeah, I don't really know what that has to do with anything, and it's not my sensei, it's Ralph Macchio's, but look at all the pretty pictures...

When AmyJo cares enough to send the very best- monkeys and New Kids on the Block memorabilia
On Friday I received this package, complete with a seascape drawing that reminded me of the pictures I had drawn for my 6th grade research paper on killer whales, from AmyJo! A Lucky Monkey from her trip to Japan AND some New Kids on the Block sticker cards. This totally makes up for me having to puke in my hands every time AmyJo and Boz start making out on the zonk. I will be the Tib to your Betsy any day, AmyJo!

Monkeys with faces are so 5 minutes ago
On closer inspection, the Lucky Monkey has NO FACE! Thus, it has been dubbed The Faceless Lucky Monkey of DOOM. Also, I'm no Japanese reader, but I'm pretty sure The Faceless Lucky Monkey of DOOM is soap. Do I have to use it as soap to get the luckiness? Is luckiness a word?

Chain letter, meet shark.  Now jump.
Ok, this is what the RWBS Chain Letter looked like when I received it, oh, about seven billion weeks ago, all the way from Germany! I almost couldn't bear to part with it (or at least that is the excuse I am using for why I haven't passed it on yet).

I heart Sandra
And this is what Sandra included with the chain letter just for me! A lucky penny (I have luck coming out my hoo hoo now!), a post card, and a funny pin! Thank you Sandra, you are the sweetest!

The end. Phew. I can now continue being derelict.