The Real World ... Blogger Style: face the facts

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

face the facts

In my opinion...

It would be really nice to be REALLY good at something or at least to be really gobsmackingly beautiful. Instead of being average or just normal. Isnt it funny that for so long(especially in our adolescent years) we crave normality.
I dont want to be normal or... maybe its just mediocrity i fear. Maybe normal isnt the problem.

Have you ever looked at another person ( and im sorry if this feels a little more geared towards the lady housemates.. but i was afterall born with a vagina *checks*.. yep) and wondered what it would be like to be that breathtaking perfect, small.. delicate and perfectly formed. What would it be like to be SO beautiful that everyone stares and pays attention to you... wherever you go? I had a moment like that a few weeks back at the local shopping centre, accompanied by the troll. I noticed the stares and lingering looks of many people passing by. I pointed this out to the troll and he admitted ashamedly that i looked really nice that day. Later on i realised that i had tissue stuck to my face.. but i digress...

Oh what the hell... does it get any better than this?