The Real World ... Blogger Style: cue bad mood

Monday, February 14, 2005

cue bad mood

What bullshit... so apparently i owe the internet company $200!! Funny that, that would mean that i had HAPPENED to forget a total of ten months payment ( in a row) So now i am connected again at home after the lady on the phone (customer relations hmmmph!) was insultingly arguing that we had not made payments. So first thing saturday morning i scoured my inbox looking for receipts (and found two) and wrote (oh my) an angry email, attaching the receipts. So i dont know what will happen.. i still havnt gotten a reply. SHe sucks... i hope she gets herpes.

btw packages should be arriving on tuesday /wednesday hoorah! and vday went ok.. not even an itty bitty bit of longing on my heart.. i mean part. dad bought mum a red rose and mum bought dad (well i had to search high and low all over sydney for it) the adventures of ma and pa kettle!! hee hee.Kids at school flashed all their little bears and roses and all under my nose and i didnt flinch! i guess cos i had a vday last year... and it actually sucked.

updates should be more regular now chickadees (and my blog might actually get an update - its a right shame it is!)