The Real World ... Blogger Style: silly season

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

silly season

I had thought that having a week of doing absolutely NOTHING would be relaxing, but i find myself more stressed out than before i went. I spent over a week staying with my grandmother, doing NOTHING, not like relaxing by a pool, playing cards nothing but sitting on my ass doing nothing NOTHING!!!
I went to sepnd some time, and give her some company (and also to get out of the house myself) and am SO glad to be home!!
She drove me absolutely nuts the whole time, fussing and making me watch TV... seriously!
She went as far as to re-make my bed every morning as i was in the shower, and even (wait for it) she took my washing off the line and REWASHED it!! She yelled at me when i tried to help her mow the lawn and took over from my cooking and cleaning.

As a result i spent a lot of my time infront of the TV in tears at the devastation around the world.
Mothers having to make a decision of which child to hold on to and which child to let go, fathers finding that after the deluge they were no longer holding their baby but only its clothing. stories of loss and survival. Stories of hope. Im emotional at the best of times this has forced me to leave the room at the sight of a news bulletin to spare me the tears. All this uneccesary sorrow and suffering. My heart goes out to them all.

I hope that despite the dampener (no pun intended) i hope you all had a good holiday.