The Real World ... Blogger Style: im all oompapa-ed out

Sunday, December 19, 2004

im all oompapa-ed out

Well make sure you check out the link below to the lovable Mojo.
Last night was pretty awesome.. went here with a whole bunch of workmates and we had lots of fun. I looked incredible of course.. extremely sparkly and glittery and just gorgeous (heh heh) i actually took a good pic of some of the jewellry i wore last night.. you can find it here In addition to that sparkle i was also wearing the matching earings a sequined pink singlet, jewelled shoes (more on that later) and sparkly and shimmery makup and body lotion... i shone :)So anyway was feeling good.. the company was good... lots of laughter and general fun.. the beer was good (a little too good)and it was PACKED.. fortunately it was a ratio of about 5 (handsome young) men to every women (i like those odds :) )Anyhoo unfortunately i had to leave earlier than i had wanted because the person with whom i was going to stay for the night wanted to leave :( um... so we had to walk back to her mates place so that we could get her car... i suggested a cab but they said it wasnt a long walk. Keep note that i was wearing new shoes that were strappy and basically all jewelled on the top and the walk ended up taking just under 40 mins ( i was ropable.. and cranky) So my feet are shredded.. the worst blisters i have ever had.. i wont be able to wear shoes to school tomorow (flip flops for me) Im limping around grimacing with every step. (they are such pretty shoes and would have been fine.. i had danced and walked around all night with no problem.. they just werent made for cross country power walking)

So anyhoo it was an ok night.. although i did have a little too much to drink and lost my er... dinner at about 3 am this morning (then again at 7am)