The Real World ... Blogger Style: So long, farewell--

Sunday, June 27, 2004

So long, farewell--

and i don't know how to spell the next one, so that's all you get...
However, it is time for me to bid you all adieu.
I have been a reclusive, non-participating member of this house for far too long.
I have not posted in more weeks than i can count (hey, i'm not good with math, okay?)
Nor have I taken quizzes or photos which would have included me in the house happenings somewhat...
AND I couldn't even manage to get Jonnie's present in the mail before Christmas Eve--and we all know mail doesn't get delivered on X-mas, so he probably doesn't even have it yet...
In short: I suck (and while, granted, i DO swallow, that just doesn't count for what it used to).

Anyway, it's been fun, and i love you all (possibly in that creepy, obsessive way that is prominent in stalkers and death row inmantes...).

I will continue to lurk, so watch out...
I am blowing kisses toward all of you at this moment--