The Real World ... Blogger Style: I COULDN'T WAIT

Thursday, June 24, 2004


Ok so i folded under pressure and I opened my gift, but in my defense it was not my fault since the Jonnie included some device that talked to me every time I walked by. It siad "Hey Marci I need to be opened right now" so it is Jonnie's fault. I will hold off putting pictures of me playing with all my goodies, but I just want to say that he did a good job. He even has my back on certain pregnancy concearns, or maybe he is just smart enough to know that it would be very bad if I was to ever have a kid, either way I love Christmas in June.

Maybe we should do Kwanza in August. That might be fun.

Also, I want to expand on the name of car question. I have a friend that named her genitalia and I found that nuts, is this normal practice?