The Real World ... Blogger Style: Germans do it better

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Germans do it better

After weeks of hiding in the bushes in front of your house ( I have 2 stalking-charges going on now, are you satisfied?!) and watching you from afar, Boz has finally decided to show a little compassion and let me in. YAY!

Though I'm not quite sure yet if Boz let me in because he likes me or because he couldn't stand Jonnie's begging any more... . But now that I got a foot in the door, you won't get rid of me easily... mwahaha!

So, what shall I say... I'm german, currently living in Hamburg, 25 years old and well, check my blog, there's a little about me-section too. Feel free to make jokes about all my spelling- and grammar-mistakes and also feel free to ask me everything you ever wanted to know about Sauerkraut.

What else? I got a diploma in economics and a job in marketing but as this isn't satisfying at all, I'm currently busy establishing a cult with me as the deified leader.

That's basically it. So will somebody show me where the bathroom is? I brought my special toothbrush, just in case I'll get a little homesick.

(mwahaha, let's see how long it takes untill they realize that I infiltrated this house for disciple-recruiting and brainwashing purposes only... MWAHAHA... ooops, did I just say that loud?!?!)