The Real World ... Blogger Style: Tonight On The Real World...Blogger Style

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Tonight On The Real World...Blogger Style

1. Marci is last seen climbing the walls to escape from the cameras and roomies. Over the roar of the ocean all we can make out from her shouts is something about "bootie" and "Brazil," or was that "cooties" and "Godzilla"?

2. The mystery is solved. Jonnie is not Goose. Goose is not Jonnie. And they are not having a secret love affair. And by "not" I mean "TOTALLY MEETING IN BACK ALLEYS TO SHARE THEIR MAN LOVE".

3. DVL shines the bright light in Belle's face demanding to know the truth and it is revealed that Belle is indeed not a Phone Sex Operator, but what is this about... a friend in Vermont?

4. Boz is revealed to indeed be Bill Murray. Or Brian-Doyle Murray. Or Anne Murray. Or was it Anne Frank? Well he does write in a diary, and the resemblance, well, you've probably noticed, it's uncanny.

5. Brown is the new Black. Amish is the new Gay. There are a lot of Amish Bars in Anchorage, and it wouldn't be uncommon for you to find Jonnie's phone number amongst the Amish literature in the Amish Bar bathroom he frequented with his "special friend" YaYa.

6. Boz has to leave the Hot Tub due to concerns that Jonnie is going to give him the "bad touch".

7. Jonnie beats Belle at Hot Tub Wrestling, which is just like Mud Wrestling, except there is no mud and it's in a hot tub and Jonnie really loses but tells Belle to tell everyone he won so he can try to keep his "tough guy" (ha, ha, I bet even YaYa is laughing at that one) reputation.

Quote of the night was provided by Jonnie, and I swear, you just can't make this stuff up, you really can't: "How did this happen? I just thought I'd drop by the hot tub...had a little wine...and now I'm gay."