The Real World ... Blogger Style: Sayonara, Bloggers

Monday, October 16, 2006

Sayonara, Bloggers

So since I will be walking the highwire of life without the internet from tomorrow until at least April, I am thinking I should change my membership status from member to emeritus.

This training is taking hold in a lot of surprising ways (I quit smoking without hardly trying--one very minute example) and I won't have any time or access to give blogland the care or attention it deserves.

I love you guys. Sad, possibly even pathetic, but nonetheless true. This space meant a lot to me and so did the people in it, even Belle.

Ok, tears are in your eyes either from boredom, laughter, or maybe an allergy, but that's it.

Sayonara. I will be sitting tangaryo in two days.

I will be back in the wired world in mid-December.
I can still receive occasional emails before that. But in January I go back into the mountains for three months and won't have anything but regular mail.

It's good to know you'll all be keeping track of dollar stores, saved by the bell, up and coming soda pop, and each other.