The Real World ... Blogger Style: wrap a shillelleagh around my head

Monday, September 26, 2005

wrap a shillelleagh around my head

This is my sister's talented blue-eyed dog Sumi.
He can crawl like a commando when she says "what does GI Joe do?" and here he demonstrates his tamer "Sumi, wave" trick.

In other news
Discoveries of the last two days:
1) Shilleleaghs make good weapons but bad crutches
2) my leg hurts more at night after a few glasses of wine than it does during the day
3) ace bandages covered in dog hair are not sexy
4) Bad Girls--that cowgirl movie--is a late 90s fashion inspiration
5) Working Girl TOTALLY withstands the test of time!!!
6) Seeing the above movies and then turning on 2001:A Space Odessey is mindblowing esp if your leg hurts, you have had a few glasses of wine and your right hand has a callous from leaning on a shilleleagh for three days running
7)driving to Frisco with a bum accelerator foot makes driving dangerous and speeding relatively difficult
8) I really miss my mom when the chips are down and there is no one better than a mom to baby you when you are injured and sad
9) Rebel Leady Boy and Boz are excellent friday night singing companions when you are really sad and injured, not quite like mom, but funnier
10) no matter how many people try to convince me otherwise, I will always hate James Taylor