The Real World ... Blogger Style: so where I am now

Monday, September 05, 2005

so where I am now

There are all these clocks, the old fashioned ticky kind, that tick, you know, they tick, they never go tick tock, it's always just tick tIck, an upbeat and a downbeat, and none of them are in sync, and they tick all day long until they run down, and it makes me feel as though a very thin virtual blade were slicing my life like a prosciutto ham, slicing it off in increments, thin thin slivers that you can see through, and they're going down the gullet of nothingness and I am slowly going mad. Why do people collect clocks that tick? does the sound of their life being shaved off second by second give them some kind of sick thrill? I feel like an extra in the Pit and the Pendulum, and did I mention the prosciutto thing? How do you think it feels to be haunted by a pork-slice metaphor? As if feeling my life slipping away isn't bad enough, I gotta compare it to fancy ham?

So how have you all been?
What's with all the product placement, Boz?
Are you getting paid to do promotions on your blog?
Cut me in!!!!