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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

dispatches from the midwestern outpost

Yellow brick!!! Yellow brick!!!
It is real! It is beautiful! It is everywhere!!!

But I have to tell you that the coolest thing I have ever seen EVER, and believe me I have been around, I've seen dog faced boys and poodles in zoos and I know how to check the undercarriage of a car for plastique, but the coolest thing ever EVER is the new sculpture in Chicago's Millenium Park called


I wish I could link it but i am too dumb and have had too much wine.

Google it, motherfuckers, or better yet get your asses out here to see it in person, it is beyond description, it is cosmic, it is a divine booger, the weirdest christmas ball ever, a drop of mercury from the world's thermometer, mind bending, beautiful, so amazing I felt VERTIGO. I kept saying FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! in awe like a sufi pottymouth and even the mothers with small children could not ask me to clean up my language because they knew exactly what I meant. I laughed, I cried, I peed my pants, I got my period on the spot, I believe I had a stroke and I almost saw god. I fell down in convulsions. I was visited by the big O. seriously. WOW! WOW! WOW!

Seriously, the best piece of sculpture I have ever seen with my little eye and i have been around--I mean I have viewed more than play doh and tinker toys. Trust me. It is FREAKING COSMIC---it is, indeed, THE MOBY DICK of PUBLIC ART.

Come to Chicago. It will BLOW YOUR MIND.

Hats off to Chicago.