The Real World ... Blogger Style: Little Tommy Ramone II

Monday, July 04, 2005

Little Tommy Ramone II

Little Tommy Ramone II
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The baby goat survived the night!
But I think Jonnie may be right about his being a bit retarded. He walks around like his legs are rickety stilts and his tongue is always half out of his mouth. But he lived, and I am trying to persuade the nanny to acknowledge him. His bleats are getting stronger, though, and I think that helps. She still favors the noisy little doe, who I secretly call Fran (after the nanny--partly because she has an obnoxious voice) but she'll sniff WWTRII and even deign to lick him. I hope he lives. Even though that just means we'll shoot him in September. Thomas Hardy is right, life is a cruel derision of our softer human impulses.