The Real World ... Blogger Style: the gorge/sewage day

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

the gorge/sewage day

the gorge
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I went swimming here yesterday. It's just down the road. A river running through the state park. They charge 8 bucks, but it was worth it!
Freezing cold water, and don't jump on that log in the picture, because it is not stable and you will bruise your foot trying to be hard core.

I have been so busy, that was my first real chance to do any Big Sur summer fun.

then I went to work and they were pumping sewage outside for several hours.
Have you ever smelled raw sewage?
It smells like shit!!!
I was gagging, my eyes were watering, I was coughing, and yet the people's will to shop was so powerful that they stayed and BROWSED UNFAZED in a store that smelled like rotten septic spew!!!

America is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!!