The Real World ... Blogger Style: So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish

Douglas Adams says of San Francisco:
"good place to go. It is easy to believe that everyone you meet there is also a space traveler. Starting a new religion for you is just their way of saying "hi". Until you've settled in and got the hang of the place it is best to say 'no' to three questions out of any given four that anyone may ask you, becasue there are some very strange things going on there, some of which an unsuspecting alien could die of."

Henry Miller says the only things he remembers about San Francisco are the cable cars and the murals by Hilaire Hiler in the aquatic park museum.

Which happens to be right across the street from where I work. So I am going to take my lunch hour to check out the "hilarious fish" that Hiler painted during the WPA days, back when America still had the remnants of a conscience, and back when Miller walked the earth.

By coincidence, I finished up "The Air Conditioned Nightmare" and started "So Long and Thanks for All the Fish".
It's going to be a piscene kind of day.

The "Air Conditioned Nightmare" is the best guide to the US I have ever read. I would trust Henry Miller's recommendations implicitly, as I would trust Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide.

I will keep you posted on my own response to the painted fish.
And the answer is no.
Yeah, ok.