The Real World ... Blogger Style: Nobody Loves A Quitter

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Nobody Loves A Quitter

I quit my job!
I am leaving San Francisco to go live in Big Sur!
By June 1st!

I will be living in a tent, working in a boutique, walking down a dirt road to the Pacific, eating lettuce I picked out of the ground.

I will be a hippie! I can grow my pit hair down to my knees and flash it proudly!
I can hang in the Henry Miller library every day if I want!

I can watch the seals snoring in the water at Point Lobos every day if I want!

I am freaked out.
I will still have internet access.

But where will I put my books?
And my cat?
And my stereo?

It's been a long time coming...