The Real World ... Blogger Style: Kitten heels and cable cars and the dentist

Monday, May 16, 2005

Kitten heels and cable cars and the dentist

So I went to the dentist.
I haven't rotted as much as I'd feared.
They have this camera suction thingy that they stick in your mouth and you can look at your molars on a giant tv.
I never knew I had such perky tastebuds.
But the rest freaked me out. The little pits and holes and mini-cavities.
Having my gums measured.
The little pink toilet paper smocks they wear.

On the questionnaire, it asked what I feared most about the dentist.
I wrote: pain and humiliation, exclamation point (!)

Then on the way back to work, I took the cable car.
I missed the first one, flagged the next, and climbing those vintage steps caught my kitten-heel and pitched into an instant pratfall.
It's lucky I didn't do a FRIDA and impale myself on the brake.
In front of all those tourists. I think one of them captured the fall on their camera phone, and even now the kodak moment is winging its way to Boise, or Bumfuck, or Armpit, Idaho.
Now my ankle bone hurts and I blame the dentist. Because even though it didn't happen in her office, I still suffered
pain and humiliation!