The Real World ... Blogger Style: Princess Diaries rave

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Princess Diaries rave

Ok so a while ago I am pretty sure I posted a rant on how much I hated the Princess diaries and how they were total bullshit, all about false geographies and lies, and now here I am writing a tribute to that movie and it is all because of belle calling me a princess and me realizing that ok every once in a while you can give in to the Garry Marshall factor and just beam.
You know? Like Anne Hathaway, she has a kleig light smile, and I've been thinking a lot about incandescence for one reason and another, and once in a while life decks you like a fucking christmas tree, and ok, it's all just bulbs made in china and they burn out but when they're going making lace on the cieling and shadows that move like heartbeats, isn't it good? I am drunk on light. I did things I haven't done in a long time today because of light--light waves and particles, the blink of a cursor, the flash of a bulb, the sun staying later and I walked down a street I never walked down before because the light was good, and I forgot to eat today because I felt so light, and I rode the cable car just because it was there and I held on like it was life but I knew that even if I fell off the damn thing, I'd just bounce, like a balloon, down the hill, nothing could touch me but maybe that molten san francisco light and I smiled and the smile hit everything, I even smiled at a thirteen year old boy because he had bright blues eyes and we both blushed but I could not stop smiling, and I believed that the force of that smiling was like light, could travel like light, could move like light and touch things and illuminate things and find its way around the world exactly like light, wave and particle, curtain and heat, smiling at what was there and wasn't there, what was with me and beyond me, at what can't be touched but is yet palpable, caresses made of light, and god help the little boy who gets in the way (he looked kind of dazed) because it was that kind of day, just slightly perfect. And even when the trolley went too close to these traffice pylons, and banged the shit out of my legs, it didn't hurt, I didn't even feel it, I just laughed. Everyone thought I was crazy. Everyone got a little closer to the shine.