The Real World ... Blogger Style: dispatch from Frisco--part 2

Friday, April 01, 2005

dispatch from Frisco--part 2

"You ever hear the expression 'love is murder', detective?"
"Nah, but I have heard rumors that life's a bitch."
(I really gotta do something about the soles of these brogans. You can't be a gumshoe with your socks scraping the pavement.)

She was still waiting on that light. She held her cigarette like a knife-fighter holds his stiletto. Brandishing it in my face. But that's the way with these dames, you have to resist. Once they get you lighting their cigarettes, next thing you know you're taking their falls.

"For I man I expect to be paying, you're certainly uncooperative," she said.
"Look, baby, you can take that spiel down to my competitors at the SFPD. Though I've never known anything but a doughnut to sweet talk a cop."
"Love," she said, "is murder. And I'm guilty as sin."
"Sin? Never heard of it. Though it sounds like something that goes good with a twist of lime and a little club soda."
I poured myself a drink. Ephigene's silhouette hovered behind the door.
"Look, baby, I'm no Valentino, I don't know love from murder, but listen to me good. Once I'm on your case, you'd better get off mine."
I poured myself another snort of bourban. When I looked up, what do you know, those whiskey eyes of hers had water backs. The dizzy dame was turning on the works. And I still had no idea what she wanted.
"Let's start with your name," I said.
"It's Johanna," she whispered, "but you can call me Louise."