The Real World ... Blogger Style: The Bodhisattva vows

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Bodhisattva vows

Dear everyone,
I will be practicing with the following vows from now on. I am still the same old AmyJo, full of shit, etc, and I won't use this blog to prostelytize or pull some messianic act or preach about buddhism. But last Saturday I got permission to sew a formal robe, which is the beginning of my re-alignment with Zen practice. This is a really big deal for me (feel free to tease me about it) and I thought I should let you all know. I doubt you will see any changes, but if I seem more subdued, it is probably because I am struggling with some idea of how I should behave and getting it wrong. If I seem more lovey-dovey, same thing. You are all welcome to question, observe, mock, etc any weirdness that may result. People get a little funky when they first start trying to figure out how to work with these vows. I am pretty scared, actually. So, if I seem to be getting self righteous, etc, please yell at me and hit me with a stick. Or not.

1. Take refuge in Buddha
2. Take refuge in Dharma
3. Take refuge in Sangha
1. Not Creating Evil
2. Practicing Good
3. Actualizing Good For Others
1. Affirm life; Do not kill
2. Be giving; Do not steal
3. Honor the body; Do not misuse sexuality
4. Manifest truth; Do not lie
5. Proceed clearly; Do not cloud the mind (no intoxications)
6. See the perfection; Do not speak of others errors and faults (no slander)
7. Realize self and other as one; Do not elevate the self and blame others
8. Give generously; Do not be withholding (no greed, covetousness)
9. Actualize harmony; Do not be angry (do not harbor ill-will)
10. Experience the intimacy of things; Do not defile the Three Treasures

(this list is based on the one in the Mountains and Rivers order website