The Real World ... Blogger Style: Another questionnaire

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Another questionnaire

1) How many of you RW...BSers were in some kind of scout group--boy, cub, weeblo, girl, Communist Youth, or knockoff thereof? What happened? How far did you make it, and why?

2) How old were you when you realized that God was just a scarier version of Santa?

3) Do you like fat doughy eggrolls or thin crispy ones? w/hot mustard? or sweet candy-apple colored sauce?

4) How many glasses of wine (or other adult beverage) does it take before you get looped?

5) Would you rather spend a night carousing with (the late) Hunter S. Thompson, or a night creating world policy with his nemesis, Richard Nixon?

6) Do you think the sins of the fathers are really visited onto their sons unto the seventh generation?

7) Toilet paper: for or against?

8) Would you rather kiss a smoker or lick an ashtray?

9) Was it the lady or the tiger?

10) If you had to have a prosthesis, what body part would it be, and why?