The Real World ... Blogger Style: Nancy Kerrigan!!! Love me love my dog!!! Etc!!!

Friday, February 18, 2005

Nancy Kerrigan!!! Love me love my dog!!! Etc!!!

Well, I thought about anti-Kerrigan statements of yesterday, and I stand by them. When did it become a law of primate society that we must like what other people like, or else risk mortally offending them or at least making them cry (real or fake) in virtual hot tubs? When did lively debate and good natured derision become taboo among contemporaries? Is it universally writ that if I like something, and you like me, you have to like it to? Because if that is the case, you guys HAVE to like the following, or risk my displeasure and my tears:

We must agree that:

Anchovies on pizza are TASTY AS HELL
Moby Dick is the BEST BOOK EVER
Last Tango in Paris: A Celebration of Life and NOT ABOUT THE BUTTER
John Belushi: SEXY

I know this is controversial, but if you say anything against any of these strongly held beliefs of mine, I will cry. Vociferously.

On a related note, I would like to state for the record that I think belle is fab, bright, and a stylish writer and I would never say or do anything to deliberately wound her or any affiliates thereof, including Nancy Kerrigan, who IS a public figure and so should be willing to take a little ribbing, and who does have a "ski slope" "snub" "turned up" or even "porcine" schnozzola.

Thank you.

Ps: I would like to say, to my own credit, that I have never, ever, even by the smallest hint, cast any aspersions on that holy of holies, Martin Sheen.