The Real World ... Blogger Style: "How lovely the eye of the squid"

Friday, February 04, 2005

"How lovely the eye of the squid"

"Emotive and yet has no lid" (from a song by David J. Eshelman, playwright)

The giant squid, terror of the deep, once called the Kraken, basis of the sea-monster myth and most mysterious alien being our planet now hosts.

I love thee, giant squid.
If you would take me in your tentacles and grind me with your radula, I would die a painful, terrifying death but at least it's better than cancer.

Take me down, giant squid, down into the sunless realms where your photo-electric abilities make Davy Jone's Locker sparkle like Christmas morning.
Down where the monsters are.

Wash me in your ink, o Giant Squid.
I'll help you fight the Sperm Whale. We can compare ganglia (mine are so much smaller than yours, o mighty) and talk about swatches--your mantle patterns would look great in the spring collections.

O cepholopod, o rare one! Stranded from the cold currents, kalimari, nautilus, you impregnate your lady with a torn-off tentacle. A souvenir for her to keep.
People say you taste like rubber bands.
But I know better.
I say you taste of the unknown. The fearsome. The unspeakable.
Cthulu was a squid.