The Real World ... Blogger Style: AmyJo's Day After a Four Day Break Quiz

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

AmyJo's Day After a Four Day Break Quiz

Tell me absolutely everything about yourselves.

1. Do you obey the notice to employees signs in bathrooms, even if you aren't an employee?
Check all that apply:
I wash my hands after:
a) coughing
b) touching hair or face
c) wiping own or other's fundament
d) peeing
e) handling dangerous chemicals
f) shaking hands with unclean strangers
g) riding public transportation

2. Are you a middle child?

3. Do you say bless you or gesundheit when someone sneezes?
3a. If someone blesses you when you sneeze, do you acknowledge it? How?

4. Complete this sentence:
Children are______

5. Complete this sentence:
I think all dogs_____

6. Your assignment is to cheer up Boz. Write a brief statement as to how, what, if, and where you would do whatever it is that you would do (remember, grant money is riding on this)

7. AmyJo, angel or devil?

8. what, in your opinion, are the 7 wonders of the world?

9. Do you know the lyrics to "Everything's Up to Date in Kansas City?" If so, what is your favorite line?

10. Tango: dance of passion or lame hobby?

11. Pick you favorite John, your favorite Jonn Wayne and your favorite Jon:
John Donne, John Milton
John Wayne, John Wayne Gacy, John Wayne Bobbitt
Jonnie, Jon Cryer, Jon BonJovi

bonus question:
Favorite commercial cameo by a method actor?

Marlon Brando as Jor-el in Superman I and II