The Real World ... Blogger Style: Saddest words of tongue or pen IX and X

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Saddest words of tongue or pen IX and X

Suitor #9
was a scorpio poet. So was
Suitor #10

Can you say triangle?

I loved number nine, my tantric mystic no-strings love buddy who I thought I could bring around. Once he got his head straight we'd end up together. So I kept my cool, baby.
I kept my cool.
O magic nine... he was divine. (can you say messiah complex?)
Can you say soulmate?
Can you say delusional?
Can you say OM-ecstasy-Dylan-God-and-O-O-O all over the place all day long?

I played it cool with number 9 by fooling around with number 10.
Can you say mistake?
He was the green-eyed monster. He had four kidneys.
Can you say Jealousy-public indecency-screams-somebody call the police?

Number 9 proposed to me:
We'd been on again. Getting along.
"I feel really close to you right now. "
"Will you marry me?"

I couldn't say yes because I wanted to so much. I knew it was something he was trying on. I knew he didn't love me. But I wanted to say yes. I showed him with my face. I nodded inside.
The next day I asked him:
"How could you say that to me?"
He said:
"I just thought it was something you needed to hear."

He's with my sister now.
Number 10 proposed to me:
He sang: "Little Girl I wanna Marry You" while driving drunk. He flashed his gollum-green eyes at me and said:
"You're my whore. Don't see anyone but me. Let's get married in Vegas, baby."

He married an aerobics instructor in Missouri. But sometimes he still calls me.

You can find either of their books on And somewhere in the meshes of some of those poems, I'm there, but you won't see me.

Indian ragas, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen sung with a Minnesota accent