The Real World ... Blogger Style: I'm better and it's worse

Monday, January 10, 2005

I'm better and it's worse

Than being sick.

I am going to run away to Buenos Aires to learn tango.
How much would that cost, do you think?

I saw a tango exhibition last night. It's the only thing in life worth doing.
Even my hot lunch today will pall in comparison.
After all that rigorous grooming, I forgot one thing: the hair on my head.
I had good hair the whole time I was sick. Sexy bedhead. The minute I get well, it looks like shit.
But the main thing is, being sick was fun! I got high on cold medicine! I listened to audio posts! I watched dvds and called people on the phone! I lay in bed thinking naughty thoughts (etc)! I had visions! I quit smoking! (sort of) I had that amazing hollow feeling you get after a fever where your skin's really hot and the feeling comes back into all your limbs and you're suddenly up for anything. You get ALL your appetites back. I walked around in a towel singing "Fever!" really loud into the empty house. I had cold medicine hyperactive surges of energy, followed by sweet oblivion. I remembered things. I did nothing. I listened to the storms. I felt alive.

Now I am back at work and I wish I were still sick. This office is unheated. And everything is grey. I feel like Joe in Joe versus the Volcano.
I am going to look up plane fare to Buenos Aires.