The Real World ... Blogger Style: Hearts and Asses

Monday, January 17, 2005

Hearts and Asses

So I got a letter from my Little Sister Shellyjo, who is caretaking a lodge deep in the mountains of New Mexico, where she mentioned that the elk have heart-shaped patches of light colored fur around their asses. A novel thought struck me: many asses in the animal kingdom, including human, are heart-shaped.

Could it be that the Valentine Heart is actually a symbolic PAIR O' BUTTOCKS?

Think about it. The human heart is shaped like a lump of pig iron. It looks nothing like the lacey hearts that people hand out, doodle, or eat candy from. The ass, however, bears a distinct resemblance--in form and color.

The Valentine heart: ass incognito.

Chew on that next time you eat chocolate candy out of a heart-shaped box.