The Real World ... Blogger Style: The Ugly Dress, a retraction

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Ugly Dress, a retraction

Instead of complaining bitterly about a bad gift, I am going to talk about the tsunami. How bout that tsunami? How about the magnitude of human suffering and the awesome and terrifying power of natural forces that can throw human lives into turmoil, that can sweep buildings and destinies to rubble within minutes? How about massive devastation, and the fact that suffering never seems to end? How about the fact that America is only donating 35 million dollars to help, even though we are rich and it is pocket change compared to what we spend on advertising, war mongering, and building Walmarts coast to coast? How about all the toothless, weeping faces hovering above starveling, dead or maimed children? How about all those pitiful corpses, robbed of lives so diverse and various and utterly unimaginable to someone sitting at a comfortable desk making this post? How about the fact that the world can change in an instant, and almost never for the better? How about the fact that the tidal wave was just the beginning of a chain of agony and loss that will reverberate for generations? People who had nothing lost everything, and I was complaining about looking fat? Shame on me. Boz, if you suggest I donate the dress to disaster relief I will kick you in the nuts.

I am deleting the ugly dress post. I am wiping it off the pages of this blog, the way the tsunami wiped out so many. And I hereby apologize to everyone everywhere for being such a brat.