The Real World ... Blogger Style: How do YOU eat it?

Monday, December 13, 2004

How do YOU eat it?

Those dumb GAP ads ask how you wear it. In honor of the year of the sausage, I'm asking you:
How do YOU eat it?

1) patty or link?
2) haggis or blutwurst?
3) with sauerkraut or without?
4) spicy mustard or good ol' yellow?
5) hotdog or hamburger?
6) polish or italian?
7) salami or bologna?
8) raw or cooked?
9) which kind of sausage goes best with a schooner of beer and a fraulein?
10) knockwurst or bratwurst?
11) Jimmy Dean: movie star or sausage king?

Bonus Question: have you ever or would you ever eat a Tofu pup? Why or why not?

Essay portion: Discuss the role of condiments in sausage eating. Does ketchup have a place in the condiment canon?