The Real World ... Blogger Style: Best Xmas Gift EVER

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Best Xmas Gift EVER

Here's a transcript of the "christmas bonus" I got from one of my bosses:

"Amy I'm so glad you're here--I love talking about English Lit with you--a breath of fresh air. And now--just because you ARE here 9 kids in Africa get to sleep under a net!"

Where in Africa? I don't know. Who are these children? No idea. But don't say I never gave anything back to the global community. I can walk the streets with pride knowing that because of my existence, 9 children somewhere in deepest Africa (or coastal Africa?) are sleeping UNDER A NET. Let's hope it's not the kind of net they use to capture gladiators before selling them into slavery... Or could it be he meant THE Net--that these 9 kids only exist on a website? Bizarrer and Bizarrer...