The Real World ... Blogger Style: humbug humbug

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

humbug humbug

I've coined a new word in honor of the unchanged regime: Fucko. It's a combination of psycho and fuckhead and it describes the grinning rubber-eared monkey skull running our country.
I am going to have to seek asylum.

In other news, the Day of the Dead parade in the Mission district in SF was a thing of beauty. People with skulls painted over their skins over their skulls took to the streets with lit candles, carrying burning sage torches. There were people in rose head-dresses and corsets, people playing drums and pulling huge float-waggons decked in cobwebs and bunting, a dog in a tutu with a light-up skull around its neck, gorgeous women of every description, feathers, bones, I Voted stickers and kids in velvet wrestlers capes. There were children in strollers pushed by soccer moms wearing black J Crew sweaters and homeless people with running sores and beautiful men on stilts and gothic schoolmarms all walking in procession to a little park crowded with altars for the dead. And it was all solemn and ecstatic at the same time. Sometimes in a crowd like that I just want to kiss everybody. People can be so generous and lovely when they're playing with one another. I still have the smell of sage in my hair.

My favorite slogan: Santa Muerte--Death is for everyone.