The Real World ... Blogger Style: head cleaners

Friday, November 05, 2004

head cleaners

Anyone have a sure fire method to dislodge annoying songs going round and round on repeat in one's head? It's worse than having the hiccups.

When I lived in the zen monastery I used to get "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" stuck in my head anytime I sat down on the zafu to meditate. (I wonder if that was my inner starlet telling me I was in the wrong place.) Anyway, it was maddening. At least I knew all the words to it, though.
But in modern songs the singers all have mushmouth so it sounds more like this: blah blah something something famous for showing her chest blah blah her pants around her ankles blah blah and I have been sleeping badly blah blah blah it was the best sex she ever had...

It's making me nuts.
Apart from taking a bullet, how do I fire my evil ocd internal disc jockey?