The Real World ... Blogger Style: Get a Hint stick

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Get a Hint stick

Lately my thoughts have turned lightly to violence.
I fantasize about wielding a baseball bat.

City life is making me aggro. I told my first homeless person to Fuck off! a few days ago. He was barking at me like a dog as I went back and forth between galleries. Finally, I just lost it. I screamed it so spontaneously and naturally, I surprised myself. I can feel myself changing... the city works like a potion, transforming me into a BITCH.

In High School I had a two by four on which I'd crayoned the motto "get a hint!!!". It was for whapping adorable sk8r boys who didn't realize I was willing to sleep with them.
I never used it, I just flourished it around the halls. I wonder what became of it.

I'd love to have my dear Get a Hint Stick now, only I'd use it to make war, not love. I'd use it to bean bus drivers who arrive late, to take out street corner hecklers, to beat the living shit out of my computer, and to pole vault over the mysterious and ill-fragrant puddles that dot the Mission district.