The Real World ... Blogger Style: Cheap Thrills

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Cheap Thrills

Ok, I know the best-loved posts consist mostly of a picture and a pithy caption. This has been eating at me. I can't post pictures. It's giving me an inferiority complex. (But I'm going to post a long annoying piece of text anyway. Poo.)

I like to ride the cable car to work sometimes. You know that feeling on a rollercoaster, when you're trucking up the grade, right before you crest the drop? You get that feeling on a cable car the entire time! No payoff, just that tension. So to spice up the ride I like to stand on the running board in high heels and lean waay out (preferably with a shoulder bag full of stuff that might fall out and bounce all the way down to the water) and pretend I'm either the star of a musical, a pirate, or an action hero doing a dangerous stunt in slow motion. It also helps to have just put lotion on my hands so the bar is really slippery and it becomes a life or death situation. I love the cable cars because they predate the US obsession with safety and if I took it into my pretty little head to leap off one and go rolling down the hill into oncoming traffic, I could. It's nice to have options, don't you think? I made it work safely, but in my dismount I hit my knee on the hand bar and the pain was so intense I nearly passed out. I've heard people say that before, and I thought they were exaggerating. Now I know they are not. The world went sort of gray for a few minutes. Now I have a John Kerry shaped bruise.